David Eckess Bio

David Eckess spent 30 years in portfolio and investment management as a Financial Advisor practitioner.  Using consultative techniques, David developed comprehensive wealth management programs for his clients. David relied upon a multi-faceted skill set that contributed to the success of his Financial Advisory Practice. David Eckess believes in order to maintain an edge it is essential to have clearly defined processes and service models (people and technology) while having enough flexibility to adjust to a consistently changing marketplace.

Business Acumen is synonymous with David Eckess. Simply put David understands business. David sees business strategically from the top down quickly comprehending the macro and the micro. David Eckess harnesses his exceptional analytical and problem solving skills to influence his decision making and planning methods.

With 30 years of experience in business development, client service and sales, David Eckess has also developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These, combined with his leadership skills, make him a great contributor and team player.

As a student of successful business models David recognized the opportunities in Mini-Storage facilities, a niche space in commercial real estate. Working with a firm offering design and build services for mini-storage David Eckess spent time as a Project Manager. David says “Take a look around. All along our interstate systems and highways you see mostly single level mini-storage. Then in the suburban and urban areas there are multi-floor, drive through and converted warehouse facilities.” “Think rental real estate with absentee tenants!”

David Eckess has held positions as a Vice President and Financial Advisor for Delta Trust Investments, Inc. He was also an Associate President and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management from 1985 to 2011.


David Eckess is a resident of Little Rock, AR and actively volunteers for various causes. He is serves on the leadership team of St. James United Methodist Church, the largest United Methodist congregation in the State.